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What’s with all the gray?

[S]ince poor color contrast can affect many people, not just those with disabilities, it is really a usability issue that needs careful consideration.

Low-contrast text is not the answer

A low-contrast design aesthetic is haunting the web, taking legibility and discoverability with it. It’s straining our eyes, making us all feel older, and a little less capable.

Internet is becoming unreadable because of a trend towards lighter, thinner fonts

If the web is relayed through text that’s difficult to read, it curtails the open access by excluding large swaths of people such as the elderly, the visually impaired, or those retrieving websites through low quality the cost of legibility, fatigue and comprehension. We call this a situational impairment, whereby the user is disabled by the device, design, environment, or context of use.

Has Your Web Designer Ever Heard of Contrast?

[Gray] text looks good to the designers and art directors, but fries the eyeballs of the actual users.

Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty

[W]hen looking at a design with weak signifiers, users spent more time looking at the page, and they had to look at more elements on the page....[M]ore time and effort spent looking around the page are not good. These findings....suggest that participants struggled to locate the element they wanted, or weren’t confident when they first saw it.

Fully Understanding Contrast in Design

There is so much more to contrast than just "light and dark" – it’s one of the most important principles in design and you can almost never have too much of it....

Colors on the Web Color Contrast Analyzer

Accessibility is an important part of web design. By choosing the right colors, you can ensure that all visitors to your site can read your content. — -satans-css/

The Daily Sucker For 9-9-9. #666 — Satan’s CSS

The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing web designers the people could read text colored #666....Poor readability is not the designer’s problem. After all, he will probably never try to use the site he designed.

Use font-size: 100% !important

Don't make users squint; Respect your users.

Low-contrast font color and unreadable texts?

Let's put an end to this low-contrast, light gray nonsense and use typography for its purpose: making text readable.


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